Have you seen the latest marketing campaign by Kaalimato? This company sells Sultan Condoms and its tagline is “sex without surprises since 1967.”. The marketing campaign irritated the hell out of me since it kept blasting before my youtube videos could play.

QUOTE: “These exclusive product kits set the mood by providing a glimpse of Finnish sex, all the way from midsummer bonfires to the long and cold winters.”

And then:

“But what makes Finnish sex so great? We’ve broken it down to six simple steps that can help anyone f*ck a bit more like a Finn. With the help of this toolkit, you, too, can create a sexual culture worth bragging about.”

Finnish Men in Bed: THE MYTH.

Well I have no idea how true whatever is on their landing page, including the citation of “Finns are the most active condom users in the Nordics”. Perhaps these claims are all storytelling–The marketers did not cite ANY sources! However, my gut-feeling tells me that it is this sort of story-telling that a lot in the (stupid) masses will fall for.

Obviously this is myth creation– Read Dr. Gareth Rice’s and Dr. Alf Rehn’s accounts on how Finns are the best myth spinners on Earth. And no, Dr. Gareth Rice did not mean “myth creation” in a positive manner, and he substantiated his statements with solid data.

No wonder Finland needs more good marketers. For example, in selling condoms, the marketers at Sultan wrote a contradicting point: “Finns really take care of New Parents”. And yeah they cited the legendary Finnish Baby Box.

finnish men in bed

If mistakes are so easily forgiven and there are few negative consequences, then why do we need to buy Sultan condoms?  *Roll eyes*

What a waste of time and money. At any rate, I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep blasting youtube ads before youtube videos because NOW I have a really bad impression of this brand.