soh wan wei

Last week we had an Finnish autumn photography session with Jenni Aho (Of Jenni Aho Photography) and it was so much fun! I’m writing this post today to brides who sometimes end up on this blog after googling “pre-wedding photography in Finland“, so I thought it might be a good idea to show you what sort of photographs we got.

Autumn is a beautiful season and I’m so happy that we got to do this photoshoot before I fly back to Singapore later!~ 🙂

Jenni Aho is a Finnish photographer with over 10+ years of experience behind the camera. Do check out her instagram @jenniahophotography for her portfolio– and she does commissions/ professional photoshoots as well. Her speciality is in portrait photography in nature–so IF you are looking for photos to put for your wedding invitations, Jenni is the person to go to =)

Oh she also does boudoir photography. So awesome yeah!

Without further ado here are the photographs!



What do you think? These are so lovely photographs, right? ^^

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