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Today we have the huge privilege of having Angelica Ang with us!~

Angelica Ang is a coach at Stardom, a speaker and a talk show host. Today, we have the huge privilege of having her at The Hieno as she speaks to us more about what she thinks about self-worth, self-esteem and authenticity.

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Enjoy the feature! ^^

Wan Wei: Hello Angelica, thank you for your time today! How would you personally define “self-esteem” and “authenticity” respectively?

Angelia Ang: I would personally define “self-esteem” as feeling a sense of worthlessness.

  • “I don’t stand out, I’m just not captivating enough.”
  • “She impresses everyone she meets. She’s just got that X-factor I don’t.”

You and I have thought like that. Perhaps you’re a career professional or business owner who meets people a lot—at events, tradeshows and conferences and with trouble working a room —and you’re unhappy how you present yourself to them.

It might be true that better-looking and more charming people earn more, impress the right people more easily and generally advance faster. Do they have something we don’t?

  • “Can I really learn to be confident in front of a crowd?”

Growing up, I was shy and hated myself—the way I looked and behaved around others. Many people were quick to insult me and put me down, and over time I actually came to agree with them. I became perfectionistic, working myself to the bone to live up to the standards they set… not realizing that I never would.

Authenticity helps you become A Better Entrepreneur and be A Better Person

Authentic voice reflects through your work and action. In Johari Window, “The Undiscovered Self”, every single steps you take will develop this skills to discover your own voice, how entrepreneurs and individuals can be more authentic and more.

We live in a cynical age, and people might be cautious about your motive, or looking at the angle behind any communication. If you want to break through this noise, you have to show that you are genuinely in your message and actions, and that you truly show care and compassion toward people.


Wan Wei: What does it mean to be “yourself” and how does it relate to self-esteem? Is it possible to “be yourself” and still have a low self-esteem?

Angelia Ang: Low self-esteem is a negative evaluation of oneself which usually occurs when some past circumstance we encountered touches on our sensitivities.

If you have low self-esteem, you may feel:

  • Uncomfortable and shy
  • Uncertain of your own abilities
  • A sense of worthlessness or lost
  • Unable to enjoy and relax in situations that you’d like to
  • Unable to get a sense of direction in life
  • Failing to make your voice heard at pivotal moments

Having low self-esteem can affect your mood and you may feel depressed, low, guilty, and you might even try to prove your worth to others. Further, you may avoid situations that could cause anxiety.

High Self-esteem, on the other hand, describe the way that you feel regardless of your looks and your achievements. The pride, self-respect, confidence that you radiant with, and you are comfortable in your own skin.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

Your confidence level and the belief can be shown through your achievement. If you follow your heart (your calling), and going into “The Johari Window – The Undiscovered Self”, and discover your untagged talents.

On the way to your success, there will always be naysayers, doubters, and energy vampires, and even your own negative thoughts (low self-esteem). Eliminate this thoughts and keep asking yourself “WHY” – Why I should do this? Why I must make this first step? Why I should own this success?

And someday, you will be answering this:

‘You always seem to always get _______, make such great _____ that the rest of us could only wish for?’ How did you do this? _________


Wan Wei: What are the 3 practical baby-steps then that any person can do to build self-esteem?

Angelica Ang:

  • Childlike Sense of Wonder

Be courageous, adventurous and develop a sense of curiosity.

When we were young, adults teach us to be careful. Without noticing it, we start to be very cautious that we might make terribly mistakes. This curiosity diminished from our nature as we grow up. Unless we can treat life as a great adventure, to learn and relearn. Be courageous to live a life well lived.

  • Identify cause of triggers

“I don’t like the way I look.”

Don’t focus on the beauty you see in advertisement, but instead, to the beauty you see in the real-life people you admire.

  • Confidence building tips

 Try to remove negativity from your life

If you are constantly doubting yourself, you might have to evaluate your inner circle of friends and family. Even a temporary break from a person can offer a real positive step towards confidence building.

  • Change your body language

You can slowly start confidence building by changing your body language. This starts with your posture, eye contact and smiling. Smiling will make others more comfortable around you, and make you feel radiant too.

In Stardom Workshop, I coach my clients (business owners, entrepreneurs and career professional) how to be the STAR and 3P Frameworks.

No, I didn’t coach them to be celebrities. But STAR on their own field, based on Presence – move, speak and eliminating a captivating zeal, so they will be always in control of the situation.

Offline, when they do stage and/or business presentation, attend networking setting and social events. And Online, how to the captivate person on social media. How to be better of yourself than yesterday, unleashing the stylish, magnetic person I know lies within everyone, whenever you have an introvert or extrovert personality.


Wan Wei: What are the 3 signs anyone can use to double-check from time to time that he or she is true to himself/herself?

Angelica Ang: We associate genuineness with appealing traits, such as strength of character and emotional resilience—and being true to yourself takes Tenacity, Bravery and Self-confidence.

  1. Genuine people speak their mind.

They take Quiet Time to figure out their thoughts and perspectives about things, and they are generously sharing and presenting their ideas and thought-out opinions.

  1. Genuine people respond to internal expectations.

They spend time exploring their own beliefs, and always improve their standards, and expectations. Hence, always have the learners’ attitudes, toward learn and relearn.

2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) – For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

  1. Genuine people bounce back from every failure.

Genuine people are not threatened by the idea of failing nor keeping their fear zone. In fact, they view failure as an integral part of their journey, a source of learning, and an enriching experience from which they can grow.

Are you continually being true to yourself? Life is too short to live behind a life unlived.

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E.E. Cummings


Wan Wei: What is the meaning of “the best version of yourself”? Why must we be the “best” version of ourselves? How many bests can we have?

Angelica Ang: Technology, example mobile gadgets subtle change on the surface including improve and continue to upgrade on the version.

As Humans, we must adjust and adapt to change, learn and relearn, keep on improving and upgrading to bring out the “BEST VERSION of ourselves”.

  1. Learn to listen to yourself.

Listen to your inner voice. Learn to have quiet times, and remove Mobile and IT gadgets, and fully get intoned with your inner self. We must learn to be still without distractions.

Develop the Behaviors that will make you Unstoppable.

Keep asking yourself this Questions – “Why I should do this? Have I done my Best? How do I improve on this situation? What shall I do differently? Why I must make this first step? Why I should own this success?

  1. Learn to be good to yourself.

“The Johari Window – The Undiscovered Self”. Learn to discover your untagged talents. Tune into what you like and what you can do best. Attend workshop / seminar, learn a new language, start drawing or take up photography. Do it now. Learn and be good to yourself.

  1. Don’t hold back your grief.

Be genuine with your feeling. Learn to face this grief. You can make better choices when you are not afraid of losing or failing and know that you can get through whatever happens.

Are you being your “BEST VERSION of yourself”? Be still and continually ask yourself.

We hope you have enjoyed the interview today! You may follow Angelica at her personal or professional websites, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Angelica also has a special gift for you–click here!