I hope you enjoy this guest post sponsored by the Little Flower Hut, given that many of my friends are now promoted to mummies. Enjoy!

Most new moms are now celebrating baby’s first month. They treasure every memory they have with their child. If you have a sibling who is planning to throw a simple party for your niece, give your baby gift contained in a baby gift basket.

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Instead of buying just one gift for the little angel, why not do a collection of baby items as your a gift. This is ideal because there are several options you can pick from different stores and that all can be contained in a basket. Another thing about using a baby gift basket is that you can customize it according to how you want to make it look.

You can start your preparations by choosing first a basket scheme. Traditional colors may still be applicable that the blue ones are for the baby boys and the baby girls get the pink ones.

However, you may go beyond this binary standard if you still want to get a blue basket for your niece. There are other colors also that you can pick for babies. Yellow is good. Green is warm. Orange is bright and a brown basket is a nice pick.

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The next thing to do is to get your basket theme. Flowers are always the best choice, but you can also get themes like animals, Disney princesses, stripes or polka dots. If you are still opting to get flowers then you can visit a flower shop Singapore to buy your materials. If you cannot find time to do that, you can ask for a florist delivery service like Little Flower Hut to bring to you your orders.

Be mindful that this is a gift that you are preparing ahead of time. You can ask for the express flowers to be delivered to you on the same day of the event. These materials can be added once you perform your finishing touches.

Next step is to collect the items you want to contain your gift basket. Ideal choices for a baby gift are toys, diapers, candies, baby’s outfits, dolls, teddy bears, reading books, chocolates and more. Consider also your sibling as the one who might want to consume some of the goodies that you will include in the basket.

Finally, add some more decorations apart from the flowers. You can put ribbons and balloons to make it look nicer and sweeter. For that special occasion, with your beautiful personalized baby first month gift, you can send love to your niece in the most extraordinary way.

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