authenticity is authority

Authenticity is authority–It’s rather amazing that I’ve started writing again.

For the longest time ever, perhaps ever since my post “Finland is not for the ambitious“, I couldn’t write anything online without feeling fake or safe.

It went crazy viral, and so what? I was in so much pain. I was in so much pain.

I was in so fucking much pain– you wouldn’t believe it. Nobody would believe it.

It’s probably because I couldn’t deal with my own power and with myself.

And then it all collapsed and I had to spend time to deal with whatever’s left of the ruins labelled “wanwei”. Had to suck things all up, deal with pain, self-hatred, self-blame, all that sort of shit in my head. Couldn’t talk to any one I trust without fearing that they might do something against me. Couldn’t talk without feeling judged.

All I wanted then was protection, and I didn’t get it. No, I fucking didn’t get full protection, never felt totally safe, always felt judged.

Today I’m so proud of myself that I made it through that much pain.

Gosh, how did I survive all that pain? I actually got through it!


So it’s rather amazing that I’ve started writing again, because I don’t think I see ruins in front of me anymore. I see and I feel some sort of foundation, and as day passes it could only get clearer.

Internal and external congruence.


So recently I’ve read Ken Chee’s book “Brand Mastery”, and there was one thing that stood out–

“Authenticity is Authority”.

I really liked that quote! He also had this interesting model Be-Do-Get, which requires a deep insight and internal introspection into what sort of person one is.

How would I define authenticity? And why “authenticity is authority”?

I would actually define part of the term “authenticity” as

  • showing personal vulnerabilities;
  • having some degree of awareness of personal core values;
  • having some ability to identify and articulate emotions

After some reflection, I can safely say that I cherish the following values:

  • Wisdom
  • Humanity
  • Candid-ness
  • Freedom
  • Awareness
  • Boundaries
  • Gratitude

Hmm that seems like a huge progress! As one gets more and more authentic, the process feels like wiping tons and tons of dirt and grime off some sort of jewel. The diamond isn’t shiny not because it isn’t shiny, and because the dirt and grime are preventing it from shining.

Sometimes we might even want to hold on to the dirt and grime because we don’t see them as dirt and grime, and instead as things that we’re so comfortable with. Fear of success. Fear of criticism. Fear of loss. 

It’s also like personal or corporate branding. Corporate values are important right from the start, and it’s very important to think about values and be aware about them. It’s equally liberating to breathe, relax and talk to people as they are.

So why is authenticity, authority? Why is showing vulnerability a sort of strength? Because human beings like to feel that they’re part of a tribe. Vulnerabilities invite support– strength doesn’t.

With my sort of PR skill, I had been choosing to give power to my ego. And now I’m inspired enough to use this skillset to give power to myself. The source now is less and less based on fear, and more and more based on inspiration.

We find beauty in imperfection, and some of us want to enjoy living. 🙂 I want to, too.