Wow it’s been so long since I wrote here on my personal blog. I’m sorry if you have been waiting to read my posts. I know some people still follow this blog because Google Analytics told me so. 

the hieno
Thank you for still reading this blog =)

Thoughts have been fleeting for perhaps, the past 6 months. I just didn’t have anything to write in spite of being busy. Or maybe, being busy is an excuse, isn’t it. I just didn’t have anything to write because a lot of things felt fake. 

It happened because I felt fake. Which is probably expected, because this crypto industry is such a highly ego-driven industry, isn’t it. Most people preach blockchain when they actually do mean “crypto”, just to sound a bit more righteous. 

It makes me laugh. I actually enjoy this industry because it’s so real and nonsense at the same time. I’m reminded of human nature and the alignment of (self-centred) incentives every single day. And it’s all good.

Sometimes I play this game too–so even as I love this industry there are times when I feel fake. And when I feel fake there is no point writing, is there? 

But I was happy this year. It’s strange that I used the word “but”, as though life should be otherwise. 

Today I just had a thought: Isn’t the end of a dream the start of everything?

If with every breath you take you are a different person, and if at that moment anything and everything is possible.

And at that moment we’re all authentic versions of ourselves, before our minds start to want to protect us. 

Strange as it sounds, I’m starting to feel again. There are so many emotions I feel at any given moment, and strange as it sounds I’ve started to slowly appreciate why I’d been blocking them all out for so long.

It must have been painful being vulnerable. 

Someone told me last year, “you’re implosive, my dear.” 

Okay I don’t really want to write anymore, so I’ll just be ending here. Xx