Finnish People

I have often received questions from friends about “Finnish People”. Some popular questions are:

  • “Are Finns Racist?”

  • “Finnish Men– Are they Woodmen?”

  • “Are Finnish Girls Easy?”

Well, all these are basically stereotypes on Finnish people.

Are stereotypes useful? It depends.

According to Dr. Ed Dutton:

“…Therefore, the categorization of a Finn is useful to the extent that you can make correct predictions about Finns. Therefore, the stereotype of a Finn would be the stereotype of an “ethnic” or “native” Finn. That is what stereotypes are all about, and to that extent this is why stereotypes can be useful.”

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also see it like Husu:

“If you love this country in your heart, and if you want the best for it, and if you are ready to accept its rules and regulations, to support it in good and bad times, then by definition, you are a Finn.”

Well, make a judgement for yourself, won’t you? Check these pages out–

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