Media endorsements.

This page will briefly cover some of the press I’d been featured in. The purpose of setting up this “press” page is to communicate that I don’t bite.

I love writing and am open to interesting partnerships, so feel free to drop me an email at anytime. The minimum sum for collaborations on this blog is USD300.

[Singapore] I’d previously been featured on Cleo, Simply Her and Singapore’s national broadsheet The Straits Times, to name a few.

In 2015, Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence. Then, I have had the huge honour of curating a special Singapore50 (SG50) coffee-table book for Singaporean couples, which was sold out at a private launch.



I’d also been invited to share my experiences at the DermaGoldTribune, the media arm of the luxury home-grown skincare brand Dermagold.

Well I do have a huge heart for students, and therefore when I was invited for a sharing session at River Valley High School, I said “yes”!

Yet the greatest endorsement any writer can get is when distinguished people share her post.

So, when Mdm. Ho Ching shared a post I wrote, I was really humbled! The post eventually received 21,000 shares on facebook alone.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 08.11.01.png

[Japan] I’d used to be rather heavily involved in the organization/ PR/ execution of the「東北親善大使答礼訪問プログラム」/ Singapore-Tohoku Japan ambassadorship programme in the years 2011, 2012 and 2016.

Check out some of the Japanese and Singaporean press coverage on our volunteer work and goodwill activities here, here and here.


With one of the most popular actor in Singapore, Mr. Pierre Png OMG. ~

I always feel grateful that in this digital age, maintaining close ties with the folks at Japan Airlines and the Japanese embassy in Singapore is made easy no matter where one is.

With the key leaders of the Tohoku Ambassador Programme 2012 and Japanese ambassador Takahashi-san:

Keep in touch and do remember to keep me in the loop whenever I’m back in Singapore!


As you all already know, Finland is a place that is close to heart. This blog The Hieno! is the official partner of the Finland 100 independence programme:What is “Finnish-ness”?  led by the Prime Minister’s Office.

SuomiFinland100-banneri_sininen_RGB_790x444 (1)

And this was why I was overjoyed when I received the official endorsement from the Prime Minister’s Office in Finland regarding this interview series with 35 interesting thought-leaders.

Here’s a photograph with the Finnish ambassador in Singapore, Paula, when she invited me over for coffee at the embassy. I was shy so I got Kris to come with me too LOL. 😀

The Hieno! was also featured online and in print with Helsingin Sanomat, the Finnish national broadsheet with 11.6million monthly online views.

At any rate I’d previously worked as a guest blogger for the Korean Tourism Board (yes, they sponsored one trip for my friend and I), and was sponsored too on a trip to Hong Kong where I met the most awesome Japanese beauty entrepreneur of, Meyumi Yamada:


Ah those were happy times. =) I was fangirling a lot though! 🙂

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