Things to do in Helsinki

What are some of the things to do in Helsinki? Let’s find out! Whenever we talk about Finland, the things that come to minds of the tourists are:

“Santa Claus, Winter, Nokia, Marimekko, Northern Lights”

Actually, Finland is much more than this. Finland is home to a plethora of beautiful nature and wildlife. And you can actually find things like forests, squirrels and birds randomly in the urban greater Helsinki region–made up of Helsinki City, Vantaa and Espoo– too!
Like this! This cutie landed on our balcony at home! <3

helsinki nature

I think having beautiful nature around you is great for rejuvenation. And you can find it all in Helsinki.
In Helsinki, nature provides a great sense of escape from the hustle bustle of the city life we have in Singapore. When you look at the vast nature, you just realise that your existence is but part of a bigger, greater masterpiece.
I always see squirrels jumping around, and also rabbits hopping randomly–even in the city! That is pretty surprising, isn’t it? And birds are always somehow fat, but gentle-looking.
Despite being a cosmopolitan city area, randomly wandering into a forest in Helsinki is not surprising. And that’s what I really love about Helsinki!

So what are some of the things to do in Helsinki?

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